Stop the prison to deportation pipeline

Pass the VISION Act (AB 937)

Immigrants are part of our families, communities and workplaces. Every Californian, regardless of their immigration status, should be safe from profiling and harm by the government.

Yet, every day state prisons and local jails transfer immigrants and refugees to ICE at the point they are eligible to be released from state or local custody, subjecting them to a cruel “double punishment.” If not because of where they were born, these community members would be allowed to return home to their families and communities. Once transferred to ICE, community members face severe medical neglect, systematic abuse in detention, and traumatic deportations.

The VISION Act, AB 937 (Carrillo) would ensure that like any other Californian, an immigrant community member deemed eligible for release from state prison or local jail would not be turned over to ICE detention, and instead would be able to reunite with their family and rebuild their life.

Strong action in California will help ensure immigration policies are rooted in our values of compassion, fairness, opportunity, and respect for human rights.

Tell Governor Newsom and state leaders to support keeping immigrant and refugee families together by voting YES on AB 937.

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I urge you to support the VISION Act (AB 937), which would allow immigrants and refugees to reunite with loved ones after serving their sentences, instead of being immediately funneled to ICE for detention and deportation. California must end double punishment and stop assisting ICE, which routinely targets Black, Latinx, & AAPI immigrants. There should be no exclusions to human dignity, equal justice, and the reunification of immigrant families.

If we pass the VISION Act, we’ll set a model for the nation and advance a positive vision for care, healing, and transformation.


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