Protect Californians, Not Bail Industry Profits

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For far too long, California’s broken money bail system has enabled a bail industry that plays by its own rules with bail bond agents and bounty hunters that mistreat Californians all in pursuit of a buck. While the bail industry likes to say they provide California with a public safety service, their actions and appalling business practices reflect a much starker and shocking reality.

They include:

  • A Riverside County bounty hunter who reportedly has a knack for busting down doors – in some cases at the wrong locations.
  • A pair of bounty hunter twin sisters based in San Diego County with a reported history of abuse and violent encounters.
  • A Sacramento bail bonds agent who was reported to have accepted stolen assault weapons in exchange for providing bail.

While state lawmakers consider legislation to reform California’s unjust money bail system, the bail industry has been hard at work to undermine reforms and continue preying on low-income Californians.

Email your assemblymember and ask them to vote YES on SB 10 and protect Californians, not the bail industry’s bottom line.

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  • California State Assembly
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I am writing to respectfully urge your support for important legislation to reform California’s unjust and unsafe bail system. SB 10 (Hertzberg) will ensure that people are not held in jail after an arrest simply because they cannot afford to post bail. The bill will also ensure that people return to court as required and that the public is protected, while ending the current bail system's cruel discrimination against low-income Californians and people of color.


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