Stop Face Surveillance, Stop Wrongful Arrests

Stop AB 1814

AB 1814 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Do not be fooled.

This bill emboldens police to expand dangerous facial recognition, while writing into law the same failed rules that played a role in the wrongful arrests of innocent people, mostly Black men. If passed, it would effectively greenlight a technology that is racist, unreliable, and anti-democratic.

Tell your California lawmaker that you do not want facial recognition in the hands of police. Send a message now!

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Facial recognition is a dangerous technology, and AB 1814 will not protect us. It would actually cause more harm by codifying the same rules that failed in five of the seven known instances where police wrongfully arrested someone based on a false FRT match.

Police do not need this technology, and we know from experience that if they use it, Black people are the most likely to be harmed. Please do not let the pressure to do something cause California to do the wrong thing. Vote no on AB 1814.


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