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Juvenile probation is supposed to be a form of intervention for young people who have engaged in illegal behavior. So why are so many innocent youth – largely Black and Brown youth and youth with disabilities – on “informal probation” for misbehaving or having problems in school?

It’s not a crime to have poor grades, be late to class, or talk during class. Why are we treating our young people as if it were?

Keep California kids free to learn by getting them the services they need! Ask your California senator to support Assembly Bill 901, a bill that will ensure innocent young people are referred to the right community-based programs to help them succeed – not push them into the criminal justice system.

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I am writing to respectfully urge you to support important legislation that will end the practice of forcing California youth with non-criminal behavioral problems to go on “informal probation.” AB 901 (Gipson) will ensure students are referred to the right to community programs, instead of pushing them into the criminal justice system.

For these reasons, I urge you to support AB 901.


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