End Poverty Tows in California

Pass AB 516

Every year in California, local and state governments tow hundreds of thousands of cars for non-safety reasons, pushing struggling families deeper into debt and poverty.

Cars are a necessary lifeline to countless Californians who rely on them to drive to work. Towing their cars because they can’t afford to pay parking tickets only makes it more difficult for families to get back on their feet.

AB 516 will help working families continue to drive to work, pay their rent and bills, and provide for their families. The bill will end poverty tows for unpaid parking tickets and for legally parking a car in one place unless the car hasn’t been moved for 5 business days.

Ask your California senator to vote YES on AB 516 today.

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California State Senate

AB 516 will end cruel towing practices that push people deeper into poverty.
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I write to you as a concerned constituent to ask you to support AB 516 (Chiu), a bill preventing municipalities from towing vehicles for poverty-related reasons. Hundreds of thousands of low-income Californians’ cars have been towed because a car: (1) had multiple unpaid parking tickets; (2) had overdue vehicle registration fees; or (3) was legally parked in one place for more than three days.

For all these reasons, I urge you to support AB 516.


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