Don’t Leave Charter School Students in the Dark

Support AB 2601

California students deserve equal access to quality sexual health education that will help them make healthy decisions and lead healthy lives.

Unfortunately, right now, not all charter schools provide their students with the same comprehensive, inclusive, and science-based sexual health and HIV prevention education other public school students are already getting.

AB 2601 makes sure that charter school students get the same education as other students to protect their health. The bill got out of the Assembly, but we still need your help to make sure it becomes state law.

Email your state senator and ask them to support AB 2601 to make sure students have equal access to quality sexual health education.

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  • California State Senate
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Support AB 2601

I write to you today as a concerned constituent to respectfully request that you support AB 2601. By extending the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act to charter schools, AB 2601 ensures that charter school students receive the same quality sexual health education as their peers in traditional public schools.


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