Free the Vote in California

Pass ACA 6

Californians know that our democracy is stronger when it is fair and inclusive. But right now, nearly 50,000 Californians on parole pay taxes at the local, state, and federal levels but are not allowed to vote in any of those elections. They are working and living in our communities but are denied a voice in the policies that shape their lives.

Make no mistake, disenfranchising people on parole is a form of voter suppression that disproportionately and systematically locks Black and Brown people out of the voting booth. That’s why we need to free the vote for formerly incarcerated people in California with ACA 6, a constitutional amendment that will ask voters to restore the right to vote to people on parole.

We know that civic engagement, including participating in elections, is connected with lower rates of recidivism. That benefits all of us.

Voting is a fundamental right and a cornerstone of our democracy. Ask your legislator to vote YES on ACA 6 today.

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