Ensure public meetings are accessible for all

Pass AB 339

Public participation is the hallmark of democracy. Just like voting and protest, public meetings are an essential avenue for people’s voices to be heard. Californians should be able to participate in meetings where decisions get made with ease. In 2021, this must include remote participation.

AB 339 would allow for continued remote participation in open and public hearings and meetings for city councils and board of supervisors, that are in jurisdictions with populations greater than 250,000.

For too long, public meetings have been difficult for members of the public to attend. One of the bright spots in the pandemic has been the adoption of technology that allows people to participate remotely, without having to worry about arranging for child care, taking time off from work, or finding transportation to get to the meeting.

Existing laws already require jurisdictions to have open meetings that the public can participate in but attending these meetings have been a challenge for many members of the community. We must make it easier for the public to engage with their local government without being physically present in a meeting room.

Every Californian deserves a right to make their voice heard to their policymakers. Our democracy depends on robust public participation, the state must do more to ensure that all its citizens can participate easily.

Tell the California Senate to advance remote public participation.

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I urge you to promote public participation by lowering barriers through more remote access by passing AB 339. State lawmakers should be looking at way to ensure more of their constituents are able to participate in meetings where critical decisions are made – including community members in remote areas, those who do not readily have access to transportation, those that require interpretation services.

Government should be accountable to all members of the community, and the state must do more to ensure public meetings are accessible for all. Pass AB 339 now!


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