Protect UC Patient Care

Pass SB 379

Access to reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare has never been more important: we’re seeing an alarming rise in the number of states introducing legislation that would significantly bar access to these kinds of care.

The University of California – like the state of California – has been a leader in advancing reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive care for years. UC Health also plays a central role in medical care in California, they train half our doctors and provide care for nearly 2 million Californians.

But our investigations into UC Health contracts has found that every single UC Health center has contracts that impose harmful non-medical restrictions on care. Under these contracts, UC Health providers working in non-UC hospitals are unable to provide reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive care, denying their patients high quality, evidence-based care and with a potentially dangerous impact on patient health.

A patient's health, safety, and well-being should always come first. But under these restrictive UC Health contracts, patients who need abortion care, gender-affirming care, or even contraception must be denied that care for non-medical reasons. Over 2,500 UC community members – doctors, nurses, trainees, students and staff – have signed an open letter expressing their opposition to these restrictive contracts.

SB 379 ensures that medical providers at the University of California are able to provide the high-quality, evidence-based care that patients expect and deserve.

UC patients shouldn’t have to worry about whether they are receiving quality care or have to make a difficult decision to find another facility to get the essential care they need.

Tell the California Senate it’s time to protect UC patient health.

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California Senate

Under UC Health contracts, some hospitals can deny gender affirming care, abortion care, and contraceptives. Pass SB 379.
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The University of California (UC) is a public university system that receives a significant amount of public funds ($9 billion in 2020-2021) from California’s state budget to conduct its mission and is required by the California Constitution to be independent from sectarian influence. UC Health is the fourth largest healthcare system in California, and it plays a central role in training medical students and caring for Californians. Millions of Californians are treated by UC doctors and students every year.

UC Health has entered into contracts that go against the mission of their organization and are in violation of protections under state law. These contracts prohibit UC medical professionals from providing essential reproductive and LGBTQ-inclusive care, including abortion care, miscarriage management, treatment for ectopic pregnancies, tubal ligation, contraception, and gender-affirming care. When patients cannot access these types of care, the consequences can be life-threatening.

UC Health has ignored the concerns of its practitioners and students. This contracting process has been done behind closed doors, with limited public information on the impact of these contracts on basic preventative care and urgent care.

I urge you to protect UC patient care by voting YES on SB 379. Californians must be able to rely on UC health professionals to provide them with comprehensive and inclusive care that is evidence-based and free from restriction.


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