Governor Brown: Sign SB 1421

We have a right to know about police misconduct

For years, California has kept secret police misconduct records. Right now, the public isn’t allowed to know how departments investigate officers who abuse their authority to plant evidence, lie in police reports, or sexually assault members of the public.

But after decades of work, we are closer than ever to restoring Californians’ right to know. SB 1421 (Skinner) will open up police misconduct and use of force records to increase transparency and accountability in policing. Lawmakers approved the bill last month, and now it’s up to the governor.

Email Gov. Brown and ask him to sign SB 1421, because we have a right to know.

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  • Governor Jerry Brown
Process of passing SB 1421
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I write to you today as a concerned California resident to respectfully request that you sign SB 1421 (Skinner). SB 1421 will improve law enforcement transparency and accountability by honoring the public’s right to know about how agencies handle deadly uses of force and proven, serious misconduct by peace officers.


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