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Pass The CRISES Act (AB 2054)

Every day, community-based organizations across California are successfully responding to many types of emergency situations. In recent weeks, people across this nation have taken to the streets to demand an end to police violence. Re-envisioning policing starts with community-based organizations (CBOs) who can provide critically informed, compassionate, and potentially life-saving responses for vulnerable people.

Too often, the only response available for people in need of support is to call the police, which can escalate a crisis and increase risk for everyone. The lack of community-based support is particularly dangerous for Black and Brown folks in crisis.

The C.R.I.S.E.S. (Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems) - Act AB 2054 will create a pilot grant program for community-based response to the local emergencies, including:

  • Public health crises
  • Unhoused people in crisis
  • People experiencing mental health crises
  • People exposed to intimate partner or community violence
  • People with a substance use disorder
  • People impacted by natural or climate disasters.

When we invest in organizations rooted in community, we improve our resiliency, relationships, and strengthen connections – all of which are critical during this time to reimagine what public safety looks like in our communities. Tell Governor Newsom and state leaders to support alternatives to policing by voting YES on AB 2054.

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In many counties across the state, community organizations are successfully responding to emergency situations. Despite their positive impact and the cost savings that community-oriented responses to emergencies present, California has done little to support and scale these efforts.

Instead, law enforcement officers continue to respond to emergencies that would be better addressed by community organizations with trained peer support experts, mental health providers, or crisis counselors. Too often, these responses increase harm to the individual experiencing the crisis and the presence of armed officers can unfortunately quickly escalate a crisis. In worst case scenarios, officers use force in response to a person in crisis, resulting in unnecessary and unjust deaths and serious bodily injury to those who simply need the care and support of trained professionals.

The CRISES Act seeks to fill the void currently existing in emergency response services for vulnerable populations so they can safely access quality emergency services that are culturally appropriate and from trained professionals with relationships and a track record of service in their communities. These vulnerable populations face significant barriers to engaging with law enforcement and other first responder personnel because of deep rooted fears and stigma generated by their status. In these circumstances, the presence of trained professionals from community-oriented organizations with a track-record of service can prove more beneficial than engagement from law enforcement officers.

Now more than ever, we need to rely on community organizations with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the issues, people, and set of relationships surrounding the emergency, enabling them to provide more effective, and cost-efficient services.

I urge you to support AB 2054 to move California in the right direction by supporting safer community-based alternatives to policing.


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