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Every year in California, people who come into contact with the criminal justice system are charged thousands of dollars in administrative fees, including fees for a public defender and probation registration. In some counties, probation registration alone came with a $1,800 price tag.

These fees are mostly charged to low-income people of color who are trying to get back on their feet and unable to pay off this debt while also trying to find jobs and house themselves and their families.

Even when people can find jobs, this debt means garnished wages, dings to their credit scores, and increased instability. Local governments sometimes end up spending more money trying to collect fees than the fees are worth.

That’s why we’re supporting SB 144, a bill that will eliminate these fees and help people get their lives back on track. Ask your state assembly member to vote YES on SB 144!

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I am writing to respectfully request that you support Senate Bill 144 (Mitchell) to help California families get back on their feet.

California can and must find a more just and sustainable way to finance local governments than by saddling low-income, marginalized Californians with debt at a time when they are most struggling to get back on their feet. For all these reasons, I respectfully ask you do your part to give Californians a fighting chance to return to their communities and succeed. Please support SB 144.


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