Safer Streets for All Californians

Pass SB 357

SB 357 repeals California's law that criminalizes loitering with intent to commit prostitution and that gives law enforcement a tool to harass and discriminate against Black and trans communities, particularly women of color. The Safer Streets for All act will take away this outdated, subjective and violent penal code which has for too long allowed law enforcement to criminalize and harass someone based on the color of their skin, their gender, or how they choose to make a living. We all deserve to exist in public peacefully without the fear of violent arrest.

The overbroad interpretation and enforcement of this law has led to discriminatory stops and disproportionate arrest rates of already targeted communities for loitering with the intent to commit prostitution. It's time to eliminate this archaic law that has led to the targeted policing and criminalization of women of color and trans people.

As some of the most marginalized members of our community, sex workers deserve to maintain their livelihood without fear of violence or arrest. SB 357 will move California one step closer to acknowledging sex workers as deserving of full dignity and respect.

Urge your Assemblymember to support SB 357 today!

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Everyone deserves the right to exist in public peacefully without the fear of violent arrest. I urge you to support SB 357 to ensure safer streets for all.


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