Broadband Access for All Now

Broadband access is about more than the internet. It’s an issue of systemic equality. For communities living without broadband, the pandemic has only exposed and exacerbated an already growing digital divide – placing critical resources like telework, virtual learning, telehealth, and even vaccine access completely out of reach for millions across the country.

The deepest rift in this digital divide is when it comes to race: People without broadband access are disproportionately Black, Latinx, Indigenous, rural, or low-income. The Accessible, Affordable Internet for All (AAIA) Act can help bridge this gap and expand broadband access to unserved communities nationwide: Tell your Member of Congress to support this critical legislation today.

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Broadband Access for All Now
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Support the AAIA and Equal Broadband Access

As your constituent, I urge you to pass the Accessible, Affordable Internet for All (AAIA) Act to help sustain equitable broadband access for all – both now and after the pandemic.

The past year has shown us how important internet access is to our everyday lives, but this harmful digital divide has existed long before COVID-19 – and it will continue unless we take action now. Please, help ensure equal broadband access for all: Support the AAIA today.


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