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Michigan’s bail system is badly broken. It drives mass incarceration and systemic racism, disproportionately putting Black and Brown people behind bars. This past year, the Michigan Legislature passed a series of laws that go a long way toward fixing our flawed criminal legal system.

But the work is not done. Now is the time to fix Michigan’s broken bail system. Contact your lawmaker and tell them to pass bail reform legislation this year.

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Pass comprehensive bail reform legislation this year
Dear Representative,

As a voter, I believe the presumption of innocence is a sacred principle of our criminal legal system. Yet, thousands of people who have not been convicted of a crime are locked in jail, awaiting their day in court, only because they can’t afford bail. I urge you to end this unjust practice and vote for comprehensive bail reform this year.

Our legal system should enable people to contribute to their communities rather than restrain them with overbearing and harmful bail restrictions. We need your help to fix our broken bail system. Pass comprehensive bail reform legislation this year.


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