Arizonans without shelter deserve better. Tell Lawmakers: Oppose SB 1581.

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There has been a 35% increase in homelessness since 2020 and people are struggling to find shelter across the state. Arizona urgently needs to find a solution to its current housing crisis, but barebone campsites and criminalizing homelessness is not the answer.

Proponents of SB 1581 claim that this bill will provide money for a quick fix, but Arizona’s housing crisis requires real, long-term solutions that treat unhoused people with dignity. This bill would set aside millions of dollars to address homelessness in Arizona – with an untenable catch. It would require municipalities to force people onto designated encampments and enforce unconstitutional ordinances that prohibit sleeping or camping in public spaces.

Houseless Arizonans need access to permanent supportive housing to get back on their feet, but SB 1581 will leave less money for initiatives that actually work and increase the criminalization of homelessness. Tell House Representatives that this bill does not offer real solutions to help our homeless neighbors. Demand they oppose SB 1581.

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Arizonans without shelter need real solutions, not quick fixes that will cause more displacement, violate their constitutional rights, and criminalize their very existence. Please oppose SB 1581.

As stated by a 9th circuit district court, “calling a plot of land a shelter does not make it so." SB1581 is not an answer to Arizona’s homeless crisis. This bill is inhumane, unconstitutional and must be stopped.


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