Gov. Ducey: Fire Chuck Ryan!


For years, the ACLU of Arizona has been counsel of record in Parsons v. Ryan, a class action lawsuit against Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan. In this time, we have witnessed Ryan’s complete disregard for the health, safety, and lives of people in Arizona’s prisons. Rather than address the rampant human rights abuses repeatedly exposed throughout the course of litigation, Ryan, backed by Gov. Ducey, is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to fight court orders and deny the existence of inhumane conditions. It has been crystal clear for years that Ryan does not care about or want to address the suffering and avoidable deaths happening on his watch. Regardless, Gov. Ducey has stood firmly behind his prison director. Enough is enough. Email Gov. Ducey and tell him to hold his appointees accountable and immediately #FireChuckRyan!

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Enough is enough: Fire Chuck Ryan!

I am writing to ask you to immediately remove Charles Ryan from his position as Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections.

For years you have stood idly by as Ryan has fought and ignored court orders in the class-action lawsuit, Parsons v. Ryan. He has squandered millions of taxpayer dollars defending and denying rampant human rights abuses, rather than complying with court orders.

Finally, the conditions of our prisons could be immediately improved if you and the Legislature enacted serious criminal justice and sentencing reform. Our prisons are full because we are sending far too many people there with unnecessarily long sentences, and people cannot earn time credits for good behavior. Research proves that long sentences do not promote public safety, and that incentivizing good behavior by incarcerated people makes prisons safer. If we immediately take steps to reduce the prison population, we will start seeing improved and safer prison conditions for everyone involved with ADC.


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