Tell Gov. Ducey: Protect People in Prisons!


More than 40,000 people live in state prisons where the Arizona Department of Corrections has proven itself repeatedly incapable of providing basic medical care. When a person is sent to prison, they are still part of our society. They are still our mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. We have a moral duty to ensure their safety in overcrowded facilities that already struggle to provide adequate health care.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Governor Doug Ducey must take immediate action to prevent the spread of the virus by allowing as many people as possible to come home to their families and communities and to ensure Prisons Director David Shinn is held accountable to take appropriate precautions inside.

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Governor Doug Ducey

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Please protect people in state prisons

I am incredibly worried about the threat of COVID-19 spreading among people in state prisons.

Without appropriate precautions taking place, there will be a huge risk to everyone who lives in or enters a prison, including DOC staff who return home to our neighbors each night. Please ensure Director Shinn is going above and beyond to prevent the spread of the virus, to keep facilities clean, and to provide adequate health care to those inside.


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