Tell County Attorney Adel: Get People Out of Dangerous Jail Conditions NOW!


More than 5,700 people are incarcerated in Maricopa County jails. Many of them have not been convicted of a crime and are being held pre-trial simply because they cannot pay their cash bail. Such pre-trail detention is always an injustice but now is life-threatening given the spread of COVID-19. It is almost certain that once the virus begins to spread in county jails, it will be unstoppable and will threaten the health and safety of those in the jails and in the larger community.

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel has immense power to limit the jail population. She can use this power to proactively work to release the vast majority of people incarcerated pre-trial. She can also reduce how often her prosecutors ask for those convicted of crimes to serve jail or prison sentences. Adel’s current approach, however, has been to provide neatly packaged soundbites to the media without providing details of exactly what actions her office is taking to ensure the safety of those locked in our jails. She has ignored four requests to meet with the ACLU Smart Justice team to come up with resolutions that will keep the entire community safe. Help us ramp up our efforts by emailing her today and asking her to take immediate steps to bring people home and out of harm’s way!

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I am greatly concerned about the health and safety of people incarcerated in Maricopa County jails. You must do more to protect them and the larger community from the spread of COVID-19, by immediately pushing for the broad release of people being held pre-trial.

Lastly, I hope you will respond to the ACLU of Arizona’s repeated requests to arrange a meeting so people most impacted by the criminal legal system and other criminal legal reform advocates can have a seat at the table in the decision-making process during this crucial time.

Thank you and I look forward to a response,

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