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**UPDATE (3/30/21): Two new abortion restriction bills are quickly moving through the legislature while SB 1457 still awaits a House Floor vote. Contact House representatives to urge them to vote NO on SB 1457, HB 2140 and SB 1390.**

Lawmakers continue to insert their beliefs into a pregnant person’s personal decision about whether to have an abortion.

Your activism has helped us defeat several anti-abortion measures this session and now anti-abortion rights lawmakers are sneakily continuing their attacks.

Just this week, lawmakers introduced HB 2140, which would ban abortion before most people even know they’re pregnant and charge doctors with a felony for performing them. Another new bill, SB 1390, would let a court appoint a lawyer or advocate to a fetus and aims to control the decisions of pregnant people.

Meanwhile, SB 1457 is still alive and threatens to criminalize doctors, give fetuses the same legal status and rights as children and adults, ban public organizations from contracting with abortion providers, and prohibit public schools and universities from providing referrals for abortions or counseling people about their right to an abortion.

These bills have no place in Arizona. SB 1457, HB 2140, and SB 1390 place abortion care further out of reach and threaten doctors and medical professionals with prison time. As Arizona begins to heal from the COVID-19 crisis, we cannot afford to put more lives at risk and deal with costly litigation that will come from making sure this bill never goes into effect.

Take action today and urge House reps to vote NO on SB 1457, HB 2140, and SB 1390.

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Please oppose all attacks on reproductive freedom like SB 1457 and newly introduced HB 2140 and SB 1390.

As Arizona begins to heal from the aftermath of COVID-19, lawmakers should focus on furthering legislation that will improve our lives, not legislation that will make it harder to access health care.

These attacks on reproductive freedom must stop. This type of legislation will not make the lives of Arizonans any better and it is not what the majority of voters want. I urge you to vote no on SB 1457, HB 2140, and SB 1390.


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