No on HB 2706: Let Trans Athletes Play


UPDATE: HB 2706 has made it out of the House and is now one step closer to landing on the governor's desk. Contact Governor Ducey and Senate members to stop this harmful, anti-trans bill.

State legislatures across the country, including Arizona, are targeting transgender youth. HB 2706 is a blatant political ploy that is aimed at excluding trans girls from participating in sports with their peers. This bill would have harmful effects on trans girls, and it poses serious privacy concerns for all young women as it would allow anyone to make an accusation and force young women to submit to an invasive exam.

Let's be clear: Trans people have been participating in sports consistent with their gender for decades and there has never been any evidence that they have an unfair advantage over their peers. This bill aims to regulate an issue that simply does not exist.

By shutting trans girls out of sports teams consistent with their gender, this bill sends the message that they are not worthy of a full and social life. Transgender students, like all other school children, must be afforded the same rights and privileges as their classmates. HB 2706 jeopardizes their mental health and physical well-being — take action now to stop this shameful bill.

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