Tell Governor Hutchinson: release vulnerable people from prisons


Arkansas' prisons and jails have the potential to become powderkegs of this disease, threatening not only the health of incarcerated people but also the community at large.

While many local sheriffs have heeded the advice of public health experts and reduced their incarcerated populations, Governor Hutchinson's administration has resisted our calls to release the vulnerable and medically-frail from state prisons.

Older people and people with underlying health conditions should immediately be considered for release or home detention. In addition, people serving sentences for drug and other low-level offenses and people whose release or parole eligibility dates are approaching should be considered for release or home detention to make room in the facilities for proper social distancing. The health and safety of people who are incarcerated, detention facility staff, and the public depends on it.

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Governor Hutchinson

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Please take action to combat the spread of COVID-19 by releasing elderly and vulnerable people from state prisons.

Arkansas officials should heed public health experts' advice and immediately release individuals in detention who are at high risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19.


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