Tell the Arkansas Legislature: Stop Discriminating Against Trans Student Athletes

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Under the guise of ensuring "fairness in Women's sports," Arkansas legislators are sending Senate Bill 354 to the Senate Education committee. This bill would deny trans students the right to play sports consistent with who they are, and it won't have its supposedly intended effect of making anything fairer.

That's because this bill isn't really about equity or fairness. In fact, it's not even about sports. Just like every other anti-trans bill, Senate Bill 354 is all about the erasure and exclusion of transgender Arkansans.

Senate Bill 354 is pure discrimination through and through, and we need your help to stop it. Will you tell your legislators to oppose this harmful bill?

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I'm writing to respectfully ask that you vote "no" on Senate Bill 354 and all other proposals that would perpetuate and enable discrimination against LGBTQ Arkansans.

Please vote to oppose these harmful and discriminatory measures. Thank you for your public service and your attention to this important matter.


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