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In 2021, Alabama lawmakers have once again set out to take away the healthcare choices of everyday Alabamians, and just like the abortion ban in 2019, these bills could represent another costly lawsuit for the state if they're passed and signed by the governor.

HB1/SB10, filed by Rep. Allen and Sen. Shelnutt, would criminalize medical professionals who choose to support transgender youth's identity, forcing them to choose between the possibility of government prosecution and adhering to the evidence-based clinical guidelines of their field.

This runs counter to medical science, prevailing standards of treatment for transgender youth, and basic human dignity.

Decisions about medical treatment for transgender youth should be made by a medical doctor, in accordance with the current medical best practices. This bill would take away their choices, irreversibly undermining the prevailing recommendations of every major medical association.

That's why these important decisions should be left to young people, their families, and their medical providers – not the government. Send a message to your representative to ask them to oppose HB1 and SB10!

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I oppose anti-trans bills HB1 and SB10, which interfere with trans youth and their families from being able to seek and access the healthcare they need. Parents, patients, and medical professionals – not politicians – should decide what medical care is in the best interest of any young person.

I ask that you oppose HB1/SB10, too. These bills would make it harder for parents and medical providers to support transgender youth, criminalize best-practice medical care, and cost potentially millions in lawsuits if passed. Let parents and youth decide what is best for themselves.


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