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In 2020, Alabama lawmakers have once again set out to target trans youth with ill-conceived and dangerous bills attempting to restrict opportunities for young people who are transgender.

This year we have already seen three bills that would harm transgender youth: HB 35, a bill that would ban trans youth from competing on sports teams of their gender identity, and HB 303 and SB 219, two bills that would ban gender-affirming medical and mental health care for trans minors.

All of these measures run counter to medical science, prevailing standards of treatment for transgender youth, and basic human dignity.

Research has shown that transgender youth have the best outcomes when they are affirmed in their gender identity through supportive families, medical providers, and communities.

Meanwhile, denying best practice medical care and support to transgender youth can be life-threatening, and has been shown to contribute to depression, social isolation, risk of self-harm, and more.

That's why these important decisions should be left to young people, their families, and their medical providers – not the government. Send a message to your representative to ask them to oppose HB 35, HB 303, and SB 219!

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights
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I oppose anti-trans bills HB35, HB303, and SB219, which interfere with trans youth and their families from being able to seek and access the healthcare they need. Parents, patients, and medical professionals - not politicians - should decide what medical care is in the best interest of any young person.

I ask that you oppose HB35, HB303, and SB219, too. These bills would punish transgender youth, make it harder for parents and medical providers to support them, and criminalize best practice medical care. Let parents and youth decide what is best for themselves.


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