Governor, Parole Board Must Follow Through on Transparency


Since Governor Ivey appointed a new director at the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles, the board has denied release to 92 percent of all scheduled hearings. Meanwhile, the number of scheduled hearings has also dropped dramatically from over 600 per month in 2018 to approximately 150 scheduled for January 2020.

For individuals trying to survive inside Alabama’s violent and overcrowded prisons, the board’s actions can truly be a life or death decision. And if this trend continues, the prison population that is already over capacity will explode in 2020, leading to even more violence against the incarcerated population and correctional officers.

That’s why we’ve been asking them to release their policies on how they schedule parole hearings, but they haven’t answered.

Send an email to Governor Ivey and the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles, and demand they release their policies NOW. Lives depend on it.

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Governor Kay Ivey
Gina Maiola, Press Secretary to the Governor
Terry Abbott, Communications Director, Board and Bureau of Pardons and Paroles

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When the Governor took office in 2017, she promised that an Ivey administration would be "open, it will be transparent, and it will be honest."

Now's your chance.

Alabama prisons are already facing a crisis of unconstitutional conditions because of how many people are incarcerated, and recent projections show that population exploding in 2020 if paroles continue at the current rate.

That's why I want you to release any written policies, including emails, memos, or any other writing whether formal or informal, that explains the process that decides who is scheduled for parole hearings, what order they are scheduled in, and any other policy or metric that is guiding the current parole board to deny release to 92% of people who have been considered.


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