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As COVID-19 has impacted Alabama communities across the state, some cities have decided to impose penalties like fines and jail time for violating orders. In Montgomery, staying out after the city's curfew of 10 p.m. could lead to a fine or up to 180 days in jail, and according to media reports, the city's police department has made at least two misdemeanor arrests for breaking curfew.

While these measures may be intended to protect public health, bringing people in and out of jails, particularly for unnecessary reasons such as violating curfews, will only exacerbate jail crowding and endanger the lives of people incarcerated, their families, the jail staff, and the broader communities.

Furthermore, just as police crackdowns for drug offenses are disparately focused on the most marginalized communities, there are real concerns that enforcement of COVID-19 related restrictions will target people of color and low-income people for the most aggressive enforcement – not because of race-based differences in the underlying conduct, but because of racially disparate police enforcement patterns.

That's why we're calling on:

  • Mayors to issue or amend orders to remove punitive measures to enforce curfews and other social distancing guidelines.
  • Police departments and sheriffs to drastically reduce the number of people who are arrested and detained.
  • Prosecutors to use their immense discretion to reduce the number of people who are held pretrial or who are sentenced to a confined facility.

The urgency cannot be overstated. The Mobile County Sheriff’s office announced on April 9 that they have six currently incarcerated people who have tested positive and nine corrections officers who have received a positive test for COVID-19.

Join us and call on these Alabama officials to act NOW to adapt their policies and practices.

Message Recipients:
Mayor Steven Reed
Sheriff Derrick Cunningham
Chief Ernest N. Finley, Jr.
Mayor Randall Woodfin
Sheriff Mark Pettway
Chief Patrick D. Smith
Mayor Walt Maddox
Sheriff Ron Abernathy
Interim Chief Mitford E. Tubbs
Mayor Tommy Battle
Sheriff Kevin Turner
Chief Mark McMurray
Mayor Sandy Stimpson
Chief Lawrence Battiste
Sheriff Sam Cochran
District Attorney Danny Carr
District Attorney Daryl Bailey
District Attorney Hays Webb
District Attorney Ashley Rich
District Attorney Robert Broussard

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As a resident of Alabama, I am concerned that local law enforcement officials are putting me and my community at risk by arresting people for violating curfews and other orders.

Please adapt your policies and practices to better reflect the wishes of public health experts, advocates, and your constituents who are calling on you to ensure custodial arrests are not used unnecessarily to enforce COVID-19 related restrictions.


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