Affirm LGBTQ Youth in DCFS Care


HB 4626 amends various child welfare and juvenile court statutes to reflect more inclusive language in laws relating to children and families. Adopting gender-inclusive language promotes equality and respect for all individuals. Make your voice heard in support of this bill!

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Support HB 4626!

As your constituent, I write to support House Bill 4626, a measure to modernize language in our state’s child welfare system. All of us recognize that in Illinois, DCFS too often fails to meet the needs of the youth in it. Regular news reports on tragic events and DCFS shortcomings makes this all too clear that we need to do much more to help youth in our state.

HB 4626 takes a simple step that aids youth. In February 2021, the Illinois Auditor General issued a scathing report finding that DCFS had failed to follow its own rules to affirm LGBTQ youth. These failures include failing to use appropriate, gender inclusive language when addressing the needs of young people in the care of the agency. While not changing any substantive meaning of any statute, HB 4626 can make the path through DCFS easier by simply using more welcoming, gender-inclusive terms.

HB 4626 simply makes a troubled system more welcoming by recognizing young people for their authentic selves.

I ask that you co-sponsor HB4626 and support it when it is considered on the Senate floor.

Thank you.


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