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Truthful and comprehensive discussions about United States and South Carolina history are critical for students to understand the racial and gender inequalities persistent in our society. Without an understanding of our past, we can’t build a more just and equitable future.

H. 3728 is a teacher gag order. It would forbid teachers to discuss racial and gender inequality, subject them to undue surveillance, burden them with unnecessary complaint processes, and threaten schools with loss of state funding.

During the 2023-2024 legislative session, the House and Senate each passed versions of this bill but haven’t been able to reach a compromise yet on the final bill. This means a committee of six legislators will work together to try to find a compromise and pass some version of a classroom censorship bill. We need to tell them before they convene that we want them to vote no – there is no acceptable version of legislation that prevents teachers from teaching the truth.

Please consider also calling these message recipients. Let them know, politely but firmly, that we can't afford to chase away more educators during a teacher shortage:
Representative Shannon Erickson: (803) 734-3053
Representative Adam Morgan: (803) 212-6795
Representative Terry Alexander: (803) 734-3004
Senator Shane Massey: (803) 212-6330
Senator Greg Hembree: (803) 212-6350
Senator Darrell Jackson: (803) 212-6048

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Again, I ask you to vote no on H. 3728.


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