Tell Governor Whitmer to Release Vulnerable People from Prisons and Stop COVID-19

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Tell Gov. Whitmer to release people who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 from Michigan's prisons immediately.

People in prisons are highly vulnerable to outbreaks of contagious illnesses like COVID-19. They live in overcrowded close quarters with little control over their daily interactions with others, and are often in poor health or denied medical care.

We sent a letter to the Michigan Department of Corrections Director urging prison officials to protect the health of people in their custody, and their staff, and release people who are most vulnerable to the Coronavirus. Please help us send a message to Gov. Whitmer: Release vulnerable people from unsafe, overcrowded prisons in Michigan, and save lives now.

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Tell Governor Whitmer to release vulnerable people from prison
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Dear Governor Whitmer,

I urge you to save the lives of incarcerated people who are most vulnerable to suffering great harm if they contract COVID-19, and release them from prisons immediately.

Michigan is one of the epicenters for the coronavirus according to the CDC. The lives of everyone in prison, and those of staff and the broader community, are endangered with the threat of COVID-19. Please immediately release vulnerable people from prisons statewide and save lives.


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