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Late last year, the Trump Administration, through the Federal Communications Commission, moved to dismantle net neutrality - the system assuring the free flow of information on the internet. Under the new rules, large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to discriminate and regulate the flow of information on the basis of content. Imagine the internet being slowed down for access to specific information or ideas based on political agenda or a favored corporate message.

The internet is today's public square. To ensure the free flow of ideas and information, we need ISPs to treat online data equally, and not engage in discrimination for commercial or ideological reasons. House Bill 4819 is an important step in protecting the free flow of information in Illinois.

Contact your state representative and support House Bill 4819 today.

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As a strong supporter of free speech and a free exchange of ideas on the internet, I urge you to support House Bill 4819, a measure that keeps the internet open in Illinois. As you know, it is now up to leaders in the states to protect this basic principle after the Federal Communications Commission acted to dismantle net neutrality.

Each of us depend on the internet today for information, to exchange political ideas and to connect with friends. We rely on the internet treating each piece of information the same - and not favoring one person’s view point over another. House Bill 4819 makes this a reality in Illinois and I urge you to support it when it is considered in the House.


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