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In a state where less than 25 percent of our population is Black, almost 50 percent of the people who have been shot by Delaware police are Black. Since 2005, Delaware police have shot at least 56 people total, with officers killing more than 30 of them. But accountability for these shootings and other instances of police misconduct is nearly impossible to achieve, because Delaware’s current laws protect officers at all costs, allow the use of force without clear guidelines, and shield all police interactions and investigations from public view.

There are four bills up for consideration in the General Assembly that would change some of these laws and begin to heal the divide between police and communities:

SB 149: Amending the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBOR)
Senate Bill 149 would make police disciplinary records public and enable the creation of community oversight boards at a state, county, or municipal level.

SB 147 & 148: Use of Force
Senate Bill 147 creates a requirement that when using force, both non-lethal and lethal, an officer must “reasonably believe” that they are in danger in order to justify use of force. Senate Bill 148 expands the Attorney General’s ability to investigate non-lethal use of force incidents and requires that race data is tracked and reported in use of force incidents.

HB 195: Governing the Use of Body-Worn Cameras
House Bill 195 requires certain police officers and other employees of the Department of Corrections to use body-worn cameras to record interactions with members of the public, and requires the Council on Police Training to create regulations for body-worn cameras to ensure consistent use across the state.

There isn’t much time left to get these bills passed in 2021.

Take action now: Send a letter to your legislators asking them to vote “yes” on amending LEOBOR, use of force guidelines, and body-cam reforms.

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Delaware: We Need Police Accountability. NOW.

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Dear Legislator,

For decades, Delaware police officers have enjoyed special layers of protection in incidents of police misconduct through policies and laws that allow harmful practices like excessive use of force and block public access to body-cam recordings and investigations.

We have an opportunity to change some of these laws and begin to heal the divide between police and communities, and I’m asking for your support to make that happen.

In the wake of continued police misconduct and endless calls for reform, it’s never been more clear: We must increase police transparency and accountability in Delaware. I’m counting on you to vote “yes” on SB 149, SB 147, SB 148, and HB 195. Our communities are calling on you: we demand police accountability, NOW.


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