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SB21-273, the Michael Marshall Justice Act and the Marvin Booker Justice Act, is an important piece of legislation to start undoing the harms of mass incarceration and over-policing. SB21-273 will safely limit arrests for low-level, non-violent offenses.

In Colorado, Black people are arrested at a rate eight times higher than white people for low-level offenses. Too often, these unnecessary arrests escalate into violence. In our state, Black people are killed by law enforcement at four times the rate of white people. It is time for this broken system to end.

SB21-273 will meaningfully reduce the number of people incarcerated pretrial.

Failed broken windows policing and the war on drugs have filled our jails with people accused of low-level offenses. Many remain incarcerated not because they pose a safety risk, but because they cannot afford to buy their freedom. Pretrial detention can send people's lives into a downward spiral as they risk losing their job, housing, medical care, and custody of their children. It is time we build a better, more just Colorado.

Lives are on the line. We need legislators to vote to pass SB21-273. Take action to help ensure this bill becomes law.

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As your constituent, I am urging you to vote in support of Senate Bill 21-273. This bill will save jobs, families, and lives by reducing the arrests and pretrial incarceration that disproportionately impact people experiencing poverty, people of color, and people with mental illness.

SB273 will significantly reduce harm, disrupt opportunities for violent conflict between officers and community, and decrease the number of people jailed for poverty. The time to lead is now. Save lives and vote to pass SB21-273.


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