I Stand for Reproductive Freedom in Tennessee

In Tennessee, we are currently facing an all-out assault on reproductive freedom.  In the wake of the passage of Amendment 1, the 2014 statewide ballot initiative that amended the state constitution to state that nothing in it protects the right to an abortion, legislators rushed to passed laws that create obstacles for a woman seeking to end a pregnancy. Tennesseans should be able to make private healthcare decisions without government interference.

It’s time to join together to protect Tennesseans’ reproductive rights. Sign the petition to say "I stand for reproductive freedom in Tennessee" and to stay abreast of a developing campaign spearheaded by women’s health, civil liberties and civic groups.

Thank you for raising your voice.

I stand with the ACLU of Tennessee and Tennesseans statewide to protect reproductive rights in our state.

I believe that Tennesseans benefit when government stays out of our private lives and families. I do not want Tennessee to be a place where government interferes more and more with our personal lives.

Decisions about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy are among the most personal anybody can make, and they should be made with family and health care providers, free from government interference.

Safe and legal access to reproductive health care services should not be subject to the whims of legislators.

I stand for a Tennessee where residents have the freedom to make personal, private decisions for their families without government intrusion. I stand for Tennessee moving forward. I stand for reproductive freedom.

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