Tell the top lawyers at the CIA and the Pentagon: End illegal targeted killings

The CIA and the Pentagon are carrying out a chilling and illegal "targeted killing" program in which people far from any battlefield are determined to be enemies of the state and killed without charge or trial — and the program is expanding rapidly.

The ACLU has sued top CIA and Pentagon decision-makers to seek accountability for the unlawful killings of three U.S. citizens in Yemen last year. We'll keep fighting in court for as long as it takes. But you can help end illegal targeted killings now.

Tell the top lawyers at the CIA and the Pentagon to do the right thing: End illegal targeted killings.

Dear CIA General Counsel Stephen Preston and DOD General Counsel Jeh Johnson,

I am writing to express grave concern about targeted killing strikes carried out by the CIA and the Pentagon's Joint Special Operations Command outside the context of armed conflict and against people who do not pose an imminent threat. It is in your power to help put an end to illegal targeted killings, including of U.S. citizens.

I understand that targeted killing may be lawful in extremely narrow circumstances, such as against a person who poses a concrete, specific, and imminent threat or, in the context of armed conflict, against a person who directly participates in hostilities. Even in these narrow circumstances, the government must take measures to protect civilian bystanders from harm. But these are not the standards your agencies are using.

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