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#TakeCTRL of your data

Update (April 2016): Three big wins came in this month! Nebraska and West Virginia passed new laws instating privacy protections for employees on social media. And a new law in Virginia now protects college students’ privacy rights on social media. The fight to protect data privacy continues on in thirteen states and the District of Columbia.

Every day, your personal data gets swept up – by location trackers, email and social media apps, and the devices and third party software that you use at school, work, or home.

And right now there are too few legal limits protecting you from how your data gets used. Your highly sensitive personal data is up for grabs. The government has too much access to it and corporations make billions mining it.

That’s why people around the country are standing up to #TakeCTRL of their data. A bipartisan coalition of legislators in sixteen states and the District of Columbia simultaneously announced legislation to boost privacy protections for students and employees, stop warrantless invasions of your emails and text messages, and safeguard you against location tracking.

If we can mobilize support for new and effective legislation state-by-state, we can spur a domino effect to create standards across the country.

Empower yourself and #TakeCTRL of your data. Sign to join a nationwide push for better privacy protections and get the latest on action you can take online and on the ground.

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I will #TakeCTRL of my data.

My personal privacy matters. I will join the fight to empower all Americans to #TakeCTRL of their privacy and their personal data. I will join students, families, employees, cell phone, email, and social media users, and many kinds of people across the country to stand for privacy.

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