TAKE ACTION: Thank Oregon Sheriffs for Supporting HB 2355

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The War on Drugs has been a failure. Our current approach is unfair, and it doesn’t work. Felony convictions for small-scale drug use ruin lives and waste taxpayer money. We have a chance right now to take a smarter approach in Oregon, by passing HB 2355, to defelonize small-scale drug possession. 

An overwhelming majority of Oregon voters, from all across the state, of all political parties and backgrounds, support reducing drug sentences. The bill also has support from the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association. They know that law enforcement need to spend their resources on where they’re needed most, protecting our communities.

We need you to help us build momentum for this bill. 18 states have already defelonized small scale possession of drugs. Oregon should be a leader on this issue but we are lagging behind and people’s lives are getting damaged by our inaction. Law enforcement support is critical right now.

Thank Oregon sheriffs for coming out in support of a new approach to small-scale drug possession in our state.
Use the form below to fill out a postcard thanking your county sheriff. The ACLU of Oregon will print and mail the postcard on your behalf!

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I am writing today to thank you and the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association for supporting HB 2355. Like a majority of Oregon voters, I support changing state law to make small-scale possession of drugs a misdemeanor, with access to treatment, instead of a felony.

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Thank you for supporting a smarter approach in Oregon.  


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