Cosmetic Changes Aren't Enough: We Need to End Dragnet NSA Surveillance

NSA Rally in DC

The law that that the NSA uses to collect the phone records of every single American, Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, will expire on June 1 — unless Congress acts to extend it.

The NSA uses this information to create maps of who we know and talk to. Some NSA analysts have even been caught using this information to spy on their exes. And, in the past, government surveillance has been targeted at prominent civil rights leaders, like Martin Luther King.

We're now facing the first reauthorization vote on these extraordinary spy powers since Edward Snowden revealed how out of control the NSA had become.

Congress shouldn't simply rubber stamp these provisions, as they have done in the past. They should stop domestic mass spying and vote against any attempt to reauthorize Section 215 in its current form.

The ACLU is fighting hard for reform, in Congress and in the courts. But we can’t win this fight alone. Make sure Congress hears from you.

Sign this petition to show them that Americans oppose dragnet surveillance and extending any parts of the Patriot Act — without significant reform — that are set to expire on June 1.

The government has abused its unprecedented surveillance powers to spy on Americans and violate our constitutional rights. Congress needs to step in to limit these powers. It’s time to end domestic mass spying, increase transparency, and reform our secret intelligence courts.

74,809 Signed 80,000 Needed

To Members of Congress:

Congress provided the legislative vehicles for the NSA’s massive spying programs—and it’s time to roll them back.

The incredible abuse of government power demonstrated by the NSA spying programs shows the grave threat that secret and unchecked government surveillance programs present to democratic freedoms.

Act now to back legislation that repeals the surveillance state sections of the Patriot Act and FISA.

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