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President Obama: Stop Targeting Families

The Obama administration kicked off 2016 by directing immigration agents to conduct raids during pre-dawn hours, forcibly removing terrified children and mothers from their homes.

Central American mothers and children risked everything to live safe and free lives here. They escaped brutal violence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras – three of the deadliest countries in the world  and turned themselves in, seeking protection. The U.S. Peace Corps announced, a week after the raids, that El Salvador is too dangerous for U.S. volunteers. Yet the Obama Administration is aggressively deporting mothers and children there without due process, including families who never got a fair shake in presenting their asylum claims. Worse yet, the White House has said that these raids will continue in a sustained manner through 2016.

It's horrifying - and this has got to stop NOW.

The damage done by these raids stretches far beyond those families whose homes were invaded. These raids are sending shockwaves of fear affecting millions around the country. Parents are afraid to send their children to school and children fear that their parents will disappear. People are canceling their appointments at health clinics. They’re terrified that they will be arrested by immigration agents.

Stand up for mothers and children escaping brutal violence and seeking asylum. Tell President Obama to stop targeting vulnerable families and raiding their homes.


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To President Obama:

Children and mothers fleeing lethal violence, rape, and torture are not our enemies. We urge you to end the aggressive home raids on Central American families who have fled their countries, seeking asylum.

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