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Stop Deporting Our Veterans

Our government is deporting United States military veterans who have served their country with honor.

Yes, that’s correct – after choosing to defend the United States, sustaining combat injuries, suffering emotional trauma, and being decorated for their service, foreign-born veterans are being kicked out of the country.

These deportations should never have happened – they were lawful residents and green card holders entitled to naturalize during their military service. But the federal government lost, misplaced, or failed to file the applications of many veterans who applied for naturalization. And these veterans never got clear and accurate information from the government, so many believed that their military service automatically made them U.S. citizens.

The U.S. has likely deported thousands of our veterans since the 1990s. They've been separated from their families, denied health care and benefits they are owed, and relocated to other countries without having their service matter. Many deportations of foreign-born veterans happen over minor infractions – incidents that don’t result in any jail time and that are related to common struggles veterans experience readjusting to civilian life. There are other ways our country can provide support in resolving these issues.

Deportation is a poor way to repay people who risked their lives to defend this nation.

Most of these veterans have no legal recourse to return to the United States after deportation. That’s why in July, Congressman Raúl Grijalva introduced legislation to naturalize for noncitizen veterans. The Veterans Visa and Protection Act (H.R. 5695) would protect U.S. veterans from being unjustly deported, ensure means to naturalization for noncitizen veterans, and provide deported veterans a way home by restoring their green cards and ensuring full access to their medical benefits.

Urge your representative to pass the Veterans Visa and Protection Act and #BringThemHome.

21,548 Signed 30,000 Needed

To Representatives:

Pass the Veterans Visa and Protection Act – the men and women who serve this country with honor deserve better than to be deported.

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