Stop Boston Police surveillance of ordinary citizens

Public records and surveillance video obtained by the ACLU of Massachusetts and National Lawyers Guild Massachusetts Chapter show that Boston Police routinely spy on ordinary citizens engaged in peaceful, First Amendment-protected activity, creating criminal "intelligence reports" on the lawful political activity of peace groups and local leaders.

This needs to stop.

Please sign this petition to members of the Massachusetts state legislature.

I am deeply disturbed to learn that the Boston Police Department has conducted aggressive surveillance of residents exercising their protected speech and assembly rights. Monitoring and tracking lawful First Amendment activity violates the U.S. Constitution and the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, and offends the basic principles of liberty we hold most dear.

Please protect our fundamental freedoms. I urge you to support legislation to require police to have an actual reasonable suspicion of criminal activity before they engage in tracking and monitoring of people's speech, associations and activities.

There is no room in a democracy for policing dissent.

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