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Stop Alabama's Attack on Abortion

Update (10/31/16): VICTORY! A federal district court blocked SB 205 and SB 363 from taking effect — sending a message that politicians should stop interfering with a woman’s personal, medical decisions.

But the fight for reproductive rights continues. Across the country, the Hyde Amendment continues to limit abortion access. Take action to support the EACH Woman Act and nullify the harmful effects of the Hyde Amendment.

Alabama politicians are at it again in their relentless attack on women’s access to abortion. They just passed two bills that would block access to abortion.

It’s crystal clear that the politicians behind these bills have one goal: to close clinics and make a woman’s right to abortion so inaccessible that it is nonexistent. These bills would only harm women by eliminating abortion access – closing clinics and banning abortion procedures puts women at risk.

SB 205 would force clinics within 2,000 feet of a school to close. This would devastate abortion access in Alabama by shuttering two clinics that provide well over half the abortion services in the state.

SB 363 would ban a medically proven abortion method. Medical experts like the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists oppose bills like SB 363 because they interfere with patient care – but these politicians insist they know better.

The well-being of women seeking safe and legal abortion is hanging in the balance. Join this fight to protect women – add your name now.

28,326 Signed 30,000 Needed

To Governor Robert Bentley:

If you care about women’s lives and safety, you must veto SB 205 and SB 363. These bills would do irreparable harm to women and families in Alabama if signed and would invite legal action, costing the state taxpayer dollars.

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