Stop the Abuse of Solitary!

Long-term solitary confinement does not rehabilitate, reduce crime or make our communities safer. Yet across the country tens of thousands of people, including children and the mentally ill, are held in in isolation – sometimes for years on end.

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Today there are tens of thousands of people, including children and the mentally ill, held in solitary confinement across the nation. I call for a fix to the overuse of solitary confinement because it is:

  • INHUMANE: Confining people to a tiny cell for 23 hours a day with little or no human contact worsens existing symptoms in the mentally ill and can have shattering psychological effects even for people without mental illness.

  • COSTLY: Solitary confinement facilities can cost two or three times more to build and operate than even traditional maximum-security prisons.

  • INEFFECTIVE: Emerging research suggests that solitary confinement actually has a negative impact on public safety since it does not facilitate rehabilitation and leaves prisoners unprepared to reenter society.

Despite these concerns, states and the federal government continue to invest scarce taxpayer dollars in constructing and using solitary confinement units. We must reduce the use of prolonged isolation in all 50 states and the federal prison system. I call upon state and federal lawmakers to take steps to reform the use of solitary confinement.

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