Man symbolically spying.

In the aftermath of the events in Paris and San Bernardino, some politicians are trying to exploit our fears to implement unprecedented levels of surveillance of Americans. Congress just passed sweeping surveillance legislation in a process that didn’t allow for meaningful debate or public commentary. Now, some representatives are attacking encrypted communications—a move that technology and intelligence experts have argued would actually lower our cybersecurity defenses.

These are dangerous developments that threaten our right to privacy, free speech, free association — the very core of our free society. We each need to speak out now.

We ask that our elected representatives in Congress resist the urge to trample on the First and Fourth Amendments. We cannot adopt fearful and reactionary proposals — America can and must be both safe and free.

18,895 Signed 25,000 Needed

To Congress:

Ensure that our right to privacy, free speech, and more are not sacrificed in the face of fear. Reject calls to enact illegal, ineffective, and unconstitutional surveillance measures.

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