President Obama's Shameful Milestone

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Since President Obama has been in office, over two and a half million people have been deported from the United States. That’s more than under George W. Bush in eight years and more than double Bill Clinton’s number. It’s more than any President, ever.

Why has he been doing this? Because President Obama wanted to prove to Congress that he wasn’t “soft on immigration,” in the hopes that they would pass comprehensive immigration reform. So far, that plan hasn’t worked out too well.

Congress has only stepped up calls for enforcement-only immigration reform. In fact, some members of Congress have stated that they won’t support comprehensive reform because they’re afraid the President won’t enforce the law.

So we need to pull the plug on this false bargain now. This historic and shameful milestone can be a turning point if we join together and tell President Obama that it’s time to end his support for enforcement-only policies that separate families through unnecessary deportations.

With so many American households made up of a mix of U.S. citizens and permanent or undocumented residents, the millions of deportations carried out in the past five years have torn apart countless families.

Let’s stand together and tell President Obama enough is enough: end the mass deportation of immigrants and ensure basic due process protections.

9,741 Signed 10,000 Needed

President Obama:

You must end the enforcement-only approach to immigration. I urge you to reform your immigration policies to provide immigrants with more due process and help keep families together.

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