Urge the DOJ to provide critical guidance on how the police engage with the deaf

Rights for deaf Americans.

Update: Victory! In July, the DOJ finally heard us - and we are working with them to incorporate deaf and disability trainings for local law enforcement across the country.


Being stopped by the police can be difficult for everyone. For those of us who are deaf, the experience can be far worse.

For Pearl Pearson, a 64-year-old deaf man, a routine traffic stop led to a brutal assault by police. When an officer shouted instructions, he attempted to show the patrolman that he was deaf. That’s when the officer pulled him from his car and according to Pearson, beat him for not following verbal orders.

The Department of Justice can help put an end to these tragedies. Police departments need up-to-date guidance and training from the DOJ on how law enforcement must interact with deaf and hard of hearing individuals, as obligated under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We know the DOJ is listening. Mobilized by violence against transgender individuals, activists recently pushed the DOJ to issue similar guidance on how law enforcement must interact with the trans community.

The police are here to serve and protect us all – including the deaf and hard of hearing. Let’s make sure they get the guidance and training they need to fulfill their duty. Sign the petition to the DOJ now.

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Attorney General Eric Holder:

Police departments need up-to-date training on how law enforcement must interact with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Please provide police around the country with the guidance necessary to avoid any more tragedies.

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