Pledge to Stand Up Against Attacks on Reproductive Health Care

Every pregnancy is different and we cannot presume to know all the circumstances surrounding a personal decision to have an abortion.  The U.S. Supreme Court recognized that the Constitution protects a woman’s ability to make that decision decades ago. Forty years later some politicians are working overtime to take a woman's decision-making ability away. 

Across the nation, both men and women have had enough and have expressed their frustrations loud and clear.  People have told their lawmakers to stop interfering in their personal and private decisions, but we need to continue to be heard so this can be the year to turn the tide.

Join us now. Pledge to remain vigilant against threats to a woman’s reproductive health care. And spread the word. It will take all of us speaking up to make sure a woman and her family can continue to make these personal decisions without politicians interfering.  


I am ready to fight back against intrusive policies designed to take away a woman’s access to abortion and other reproductive health care. I pledge to take action when threats to reproductive health care arise in my state.


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