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Another day, another sham law

Horrific sham laws are moving fast across the country. Politicians are seemingly emboldened by a new political landscape – and trying frightening tactics to block, shame, and vilify people seeking reproductive care.

Texas legislators tried to force healthcare facilities to have funerals for fetal tissue when patients seek abortions – or even when patients experience miscarriages. The policy was halted thanks to a lawsuit from the Center for Reproductive Rights but other states are trying some of their most extreme attempts ever.

Indiana actually passed a mandatory burial or cremation measure before Texas – and we’ve taken them to court over it. As of last week, Ohio is proceeding with an unconstitutional ban on abortions.

Florida is trying to criminalize conversations about abortions – so you can’t seek advice from your rabbi or other religious leader unless she is a registered abortion counselor.

This attacks our health, dignity, and constitutional rights. We have to speak up – louder than ever and urgently – for our bodies and our clinics.

Join the resistance and stand up for reproductive rights.

24,136 Signed 50,000 Needed

Politicians, I’m one of millions watching you and watching how you vote. I commit to fighting any and every extreme restriction that attempts to block the constitutionally-protected right to abortion – or tries to shame and scare people when they need to seek reproductive care.

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