Governor Kasich: Don't Resume Executions in Ohio!

The petition is now closed. Governor Kasich will receive the petitions by the deadline Wednesday, 7/19/2017. For more information on this and other civil liberties issues, please visit our website at

Ohio has not conducted an execution in over three years, since the badly botched lethal injection of Dennis McGuire. Now, the state is preparing to start executions again on July 26, using the same drug that failed before. Tell Governor Kasich not to resume executions.

Starting in July 2017, state officials have scheduled 27 executions with one occurring each month. If executions begin again, Ohio would quickly become an outlier in its use of the death penalty. Nineteen states have abolished the death penalty altogether, while another four states have moratoriums imposed by the governor. Both death sentences and executions reached new lows nationally in 2016, which would make Ohio an extreme anomaly as most states are turning away from the death penalty.

Dennis McGuire’s January 2014 botched execution was chilling. Witnesses described McGuire wincing in pain, moaning, and labored breathing. Unfortunately, his botched execution was simply the latest in a long line of other botched executions, with three others in Ohio preceding his. We also run the serious risk of executing innocent people, as Ohio has already exonerated nine people from death row. The death penalty is fundamentally broken, and we cannot risk starting executions again, especially using drugs that have already failed before.

Take a stand against the death penalty. Governor Kasich: Do not resume executions in Ohio!