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Victory! Delete Discriminatory Registration

Update (12/22/16): The Obama administration has announced that it will fully dismantle the NSEERS program before the President leaves office. This special registration system for Muslim and Arab immigrants – put in place by President George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9/11 – was as ineffective as it was intrusive and discriminatory.

Earlier this month we delivered over 56,000 signatures amidst a total of 341,000 signatures to the White House alongside Desis Rising Up and Moving, MoveOn, Moms Rising, and others. When we all stand together, we get results.

We applaud the Obama Administration and thank the thousands of action takers who demanded President Obama undo this massive profiling program before it could be revived by the incoming administration.

President-elect Donald Trump has promised on multiple occasions to to target Muslim immigrants for “extreme vetting” – a truly terrifying prospect. In 2017 he can make this a reality by reactivating the dormant NSEERS program with the flip of a switch – unless President Obama takes action now.

The NSEERS “special” registration system was put in place by President George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9/11.

President Obama discontinued NSEERS in 2011 but left the regulatory framework on the books, ready to be reactivated at any time. If the Obama administration rescinds the regulation now, that will terminate the program, leaving nothing for the next administration to reactivate.

This program is not only discriminatory and dangerous – it’s completely ineffective as a security measure.

In its nearly ten years of operation, NSEERS did not produce a single terrorism conviction. Even Homeland Security’s Inspector General – the DHS watchdog – said the program was unreliable and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

If the Obama administration rescinds the regulation and the Trump administration wants to resurrect NSEERS or something like it, they would face waiting periods and have to take public input – giving the ACLU, our partners, and our activist base an opportunity to make this registration system too toxic to implement. Add your name now to tell President Obama to end NSEERS and give us a fighting chance.

56,703 Signed 60,000 Needed

To President Obama:

Immediately rescind the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (“NSEERS”) regulatory framework. This ineffective and fundamentally unfair program does nothing to make us more secure – and is too dangerous a tool to hand over to the next administration.

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